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Post-doc position working with the vast SMPY data base!

Research Associate: The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY) seeks a full-time post-doctoral Research Associatefor study oversight, conducting research, writing articles, laboratory management, and statistical analyses using the vast SMPY data base.  SMPY is a four-decade longitudinal study consisting of 5 cohorts and over 5,000 intellectually talented participants.  One chief responsibility of this position will be to manage laboratory details associated with launching an age-50 follow-up of two of SMPY’s most exceptional cohorts: a cohort of 500 profoundly gifted participants initially identified by age 13 in the early ...

2015 Best Student Poster Prize

Biosketch: Ruth examines high-IQ as a potential risk factor for various disorders and diseases. She is especially interested in studying and advocating for those who possess dual exceptionalities in intellectual ability and disability. Her present research involves the recruitment of over 3700 American Mensa members, who test within or above the 98th percentile of intelligence, to examine a potential interplay between high cognitive ability, affective disorders (mood and anxiety), and immune and inflammatory dysregulations such as allergies, autoimmune disease and autism. Ruth is pursuing a graduate degree in Developmental Psychology and ...

Unique opportunity for an outstanding International researcher in Cognitive Ageing and/or Cognitive Epidemiology

The University of Edinburgh is offering a unique opportunity for an outstanding International researcher in Cognitive Ageing and/or Cognitive Epidemiology. The particular areas of possible expertise are wide. The successful candidate will be appointed to an Established Chair and will have immediate and full access to facilities within the world-leading MRC/BBSRC-funded Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology (CCACE) (2013-2018). Edinburgh of University (founded 1582) provides global-class intellectual environment and Edinburgh itself offers wonderful lifestyle. The successful candidate will be expected to provide high-level ...


The Sense of Style: How to Think About Writing in the 21st Century. [youtube id="Vxgy_E77tG4" width="620" height="360"]

ISIR 2015 Holden Award Address: Alice Dreger

ISIR 2015 Holden Award Address: Alice Dreger [youtube id="Nv-1iY6MO_c" width="620" height="360"]