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Are you thinking? Toward "A Rationality Quotient"

Professor Keith. Stanovich  and colleagues Richard. West, and Maggie. Toplak have a terrific new book out which focuses not on how well we reason at our best (the domain of cognitive ability research), but systems that affect when people reason and when they use default mechanisms that don't involve effortful cognition. Highly recommended!

Looking for a post doc? Able to analyse and write-up cognitive ability data?

ISIR awardee and member Sophie von Stumm has a 6-month position working on Wellcome Trust and Templeton projects. Apply by mid-January. https://jobs.gold.ac.uk/vacancy/post-doctoral-research-assistant-291667.html

ISIR board member Jelte Wicherts awarded prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant to improve statistical rigour in psychology

ISIR congratulates our rising-star board-member Jelte Wicherts on being awarded a substantial and prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant to improve statistical rigour in psychology. Jelte is in the Department of Methodology and Statistics at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, where he heads a research group that focuses on biases in statistical decision making, errors in the reporting of statistical results, misconduct, data sharing, publication bias, and replicability. Congratulations Jelte!