2016 ISIR Prize for Best Student Paper

Christin Lotz

Biosketch: Christin obtained her diploma in psychology from the University of Trier, Germany. Currently, she is working on her PhD in educational science at the Saarland University, Germany and is mentored by Jörn Sparfeldt. Her research interests center how intelligence, complex problem solving, and educational attainment are connected. On the base of log-file analyses and SEMs, she investigates how intelligence performance scores as well as intelligence process measures contribute to the understanding of the close relation between intelligence and educational success.

Representative Publications:
Lotz, C., Scherer R., Greiff, S. & Sparfeldt, J. R. (2017). Intelligence in action – Effective strategic behaviors while solving complex problems. Intelligence, 64, 98-112.
Lotz, C., Sparfeldt, J. R., & Greiff, S. (2016). Complex Problem Solving in Educational Contexts – Still something beyond a “good g”?. Intelligence, 59, 127-138.