Intelligence journals

The field of research in human intelligence has two primary flagship journals. ISIR members are encouraged to read and publish in both Intelligence and the Journal of Intelligence. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer reduced subscription rates or manage journal subscriptions through the ISIR website. Contact the publishers’ subscription representatives or consult your university library for questions regarding journal subscriptions.


Richard Haier

The journal Intelligence is a bimonthly Elsevier journal that publishes articles on topics around individual differences related to reasoning and related topics (e.g., creativity, aptitudes). The journal was established in 1977 by Douglas K. Detterman, and the current editor-in-chief is Richard J. Haier.

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Intelligence at a glance
  • Editor-in-chief: Prof. Richard Haier, University of California Irvine
  • Associate editors: Tom Coyle and Sophie Von Stumm
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Print ISSN: 0160-2896 | Online ISSN: 1873-7935
  • 2023 impact factor: 3.613

Journal of Intelligence

Andrew Conway

The Journal of Intelligence is a monthly open-access MDPI journal that publishes articles related to human intelligence, with topics including intellectual development, giftedness, cognitive neuroscience, psychometrics, and more. The journal was founded in 2013, and the current editor-in-chief is Andrew Conway.

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Journal of Intelligence at a glance
  • Editor-in-chief: Prof. Andrew Conway, New Mexico State University
  • Associate editors: Andrea Hildebrandt, Gizen Hülür, and Matthias Ziegler
  • Publisher: MDPI
  • ISSN: 2079-3200
  • 2023 impact factor: 3.176