Ian J. Deary OBE - Second edition of 'Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction'

Ian J. Deary is Professor of Differential Psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  In his Second Edition of his book on intelligence he describes what psychologists have discovered about how and why people differ in their thinking powers. It includes a new chapter on sex difference in intelligence and considers the new field of cognitive epidemiology, which draws links between intelligence and better health, less illness, and longer life.  This 2nd edition also includes new work on DNA testing and intelligence genetics and is part of the Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions series - over ten million copies sold worldwide.

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Stuart Ritchie - Intelligence: all that matters

The scientific evidence is clear: IQ tests are extraordinarily useful. IQ scores are related to a huge variety of important life outcomes like educational success, income, and even life expectancy, and biological studies have shown they are genetically influenced and linked to measures of the brain. Studies of intelligence and IQ are regularly published in the world's top scientific journals. This book will offer an entertaining introduction to the state of the art in intelligence and IQ, and will show how we have arrived at what we know from a century's research. It will engage head-on with many of the criticisms of IQ testing by describing the latest high-quality scientific research, but will not be a simple point-by-point rebuttal: it will make a positive case for IQ research, focusing on the potential benefits for society that a better understanding of intelligence can bring. Dr. Stuart J. Ritchie is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology in the University of Edinburgh's Department of Psychology. His research focuses on how intelligence develops and changes across the lifespan, what might influence it in childhood, and how we might prevent it from declining in later life. His studies of intelligence have been published in journals such as Psychological Science, Current Biology, Child Development, and Intelligence. Click HERE to purchase a copy.

Dr Russell T.Warne - In the Know: Debunking 35 Myths About Human Intelligence.

The book corrects common (but mistaken) beliefs about intelligence and IQ. The book's non-technical presentation and accessible writing style are appealing for non-experts who want to learn about intelligence, students, and more.

Dr. Russell T. Warne is an associate professor of psychology at Utah Valley University, where he has taught since 2011. Dr. Warne has published 2 books (In the Know: Debunking 35 Myths About Human Intelligence and Statistics for the Social Sciences: A General Linear Model Approach) and nearly 60 scholarly articles and 2 books. His research has won awards from the MENSA, the International Society for Intelligence Research, the National Association for Gifted Children, and more. He has no free time because he also cares for his four small children.

Russell writes: Available now! My new book In the Know: Debunking 35 Myths About Human Intelligence is out! Written for non-experts, the book corrects the common misconceptions that people have about intelligence and IQ. Order now from Amazon.comGoogle Books (lowest e-book price), and Cambridge University Press (get 20% off with checkoutcode "WARNE2020"). For a taste of what's in the book, you can watch a video where I discuss my 5 favorite chapters.