An interview with Abdel Abdellaoui

Filmed via Zoom during lockdown due to COVID-19, June 2020.
"We geneticists often talk about genetic and environmental influences, but those are intimately intertwined. Our genes have evolved to build a creature that is very adaptive to its environment." 
Abdel Abdellaoui, June 2020 Abdel's Twitter account

© Jitske Schols

Abdel Abdellaoui is a doctoral researcher at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre.  He is involved in a wide range of studies on the complex relationships between human DNA and individual differences in behavior, cognition, and mental health. He is particularly interested in how collective behaviors, such as migration and mate-choice, influence the genetic make-up of populations. When he is not working on genetics, he likes to ride his bike and play computer games with his 10 year old son.

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