Thomas Coyle interview

An interview with Thomas Coyle

Filmed via Zoom during lockdown due to COVID-19, December 2020.
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Thomas Coyle is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is also Treasurer and Board Member for the International Society for Intelligence Research. Tom is known for his research on the predictive power of tilt and non-g factors, obtained after removing variance from IQ and other tests. His work has shown that non-g factors predict specific outcomes (beyond g), notably in STEM and humanities. This work generally supports theories of intelligence (e.g., investment theories; differentiation theories; Spearman's Law of Diminishing Returns). His research has been funded by NIH and, most recently, by the National Science Foundation. When he is not working, he enjoys hanging out and watching movies with his wife and kids. He is still trying to get his kids to appreciate esoteric scenes from movies by the Coen Brothers (e.g., The Goy's Teeth from A Serious Man).

Tom's articles with DOI links:

"Non-g residuals of group factors predict ability tilt, college majors, and jobs: A non-g nexus." CLICK HERE

"Sex differences in ability tilt: Support for investment theory." CLICK HERE

"Ability tilt on the SAT and ACT predicts specific abilities and college majors." CLICK HERE

Tom's articles with DOI links and open access:

"Non-g factors predict educational and occupational criteria: More than g." CLICK HERE

"A differential-developmental model (DDM): Mental speed, attention lapses, and general intelligence (g)." CLICK HERE

"Predictive validity of non-g residuals of tests: More than g." CLICK HERE