Welcome to the International Society for Intelligence Research

Founded in 2000, the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR) is the focal scientific society for the world’s researchers on human intelligence.

The focus of the society is on human intelligence, but we are also interested in cognitive abilities in other species. The journal Intelligence is not formally affiliated with the society, but it is a common publication hub for the human intelligence research community. Intelligence welcomes well-conducted studies, as well as theoretical articles from a variety of perspectives including psychometrics, genetics, individual differences, evolutionary theory and neuroscience.  Intelligence is a ‘hot topic’. We share a commitment to civility, open dialogue, and respect.

Intelligence is a trait. It is an important one with links to many significant outcomes through multiple pathways. Although scores on many measures, including intelligence-type tests, can be ranked from low to high, these ranks do not apply to people, nor to their value.

In the absence of global pandemics, we hold an annual conference, usually in July. The venue alternates each year between the USA and Europe. Scholars attend from all over the world to present their latest research, listen to new findings, and explore older ones.