British Society for Individual Differences (BSPID) Jul 12, 2018 Edinburgh Programme

Venue: Room F21, 7 George Square, EH8 9JZ, Edinburgh.

9am: Welcome to BSPID 2018! (registration here)
9:10-10:15: Keynote: Dr. Kathryn Asbury, York University

  • They called him Scar Boy: How Qualitative Methods can add value to Behavioural Genetics?

10:15-10:45: Morning Tea
10:45-noon: Talks

  • Yue Li: Do 10-year old children stereotype males as more intellectually brilliant than females? (20″)
  • Huw Davies-Walters: Exploring the relationship between the 2-factor model of Perfectionism and Mental Toughness in Sport.
  • Yusuke Takahashi: Direction of causation modeling on the links between Conscientiousness and psychopathology during adolescence.
  • Tracy Donachie: Helping perfectionistic athletes help themselves: A randomized control trial of the effectiveness of a psychoeducational book.
  • Maria Dillon: Type d personality and cardiovascular reactivity to stressors.

noon-1:pm: Lunch & Poster Session
Posters should be portrait (900mm x 1200mm).

  • James Brookes: Statistical Modelling of Antisocial Behaviour in a Twin and Family Dataset.
  • Hannah Connolly: Recognition of facial expression and identity in part reflect a common ability: an individual differences perspective.
  • Kym Craig: Understanding How We Think About Thinking
  • Marianne Etherson: A longitudinal test of female adolescent perfectionistic vulnerability to appearance focussed upward social media comparison
  • Jennifer Firth: The Dark Traid traits, Cognitive and Affective Empathy and Attachment-Related Anxiety and Avoidance Relationships.
  • Michael Grugan: Perfectionism and antisocial behaviour in competitive male team sport athletes.
  • Luke Olsson: Parents’ Perfectionism and Junior Athlete’s Perfectionism: A Test of the Importance of Actual and Perceived Parental Perfectionism and the Same-Sex Hypothesis.
  • Liam Satchell: Didn’t see that coming… Psychopathic and RST traits predict risky behaviour but not risk appraisal.
  • Maria Stavrou: Are motivational videos a source of socially rewarding incentive? Individual differences in the effects of mood and left frontal activation.
  • Oliver Waddup: Being good is feeling good: Can sensitivity to reward predict ethical behaviour
  • Emma Waterston: Age and Cohort Variations in Depression Trajectories.

1pm-2:00: Talks

  • Alistair Soutter: Global Warming or Climate Change? The effect of political ideology and personality on question wording.
  • Rose Lea: Emotional intelligence and stress reactivity in 16-18 year old adolescents.
  • Amy Isham: Materialistic values undermine flow experiences.
  • Eleanor Smith: Maternal personality and its influence on facial expression and sensory gating development.

2pm-3:pm: Business Meeting and afternoon tea served.
3pm-4pm Talks

  • John Dotse: : Behavioural Predictors of Driver Crash risks in Ghana.
  • Kira McCabe: Who Are the Best Among the Brightest?: A 25-Year Longitudinal Study of Elite STEM Graduate Students
  • Abigail Mottershaw: Substantial environmental impact of school, parents and peers on adolescent wellbeing beyond the effect of genetic factors: a monozygotic twin differences study.

4pm-5pm: Keynote: Professor Matt McGue, University of Minnesota

  • Intergenerational mobility in an age of inequality: When do children exceed or fall short of their parents’ social achievements?

5pm-7pm: Joint ISIR/BSPID Reception

  • Complementary food and wine/beer/soft drinks and conviviality 🙂