Psychometric Researcher, Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation

Post now filled!
Johnson O’Connor have a job opening for a psychometric researcher. ISIR people who have seen this team at the conferences may know people who would be good candidates!
The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation is a not-for-profit scientific and educational organization that conducts an ongoing program of individual-differences research and testing in the area of human aptitudes (  We have 11 testing offices across the U.S. and a research department that is currently located in Chicago.

  • Ph.D. in Measurement or a closely-related field.
  • Highly skilled in psychometrics and well-prepared to develop new tests, analyze existing tests, and adapt tests for new purposes such as converting group-administered tests to computer administration.
  • In addition to internal analyses of tests, prepared to conduct external research on tests, including construct and criterion-related validity.
  • Broad expertise in quantitative methods including modern-test-theory and classical-test-theory approaches and structural-equations modeling.
  • Ability to write effective reports for professional and lay audiences.
  • Ability to plan and execute new lines of research.
  • Ability to present research at professional conferences and publish articles in scholarly journals.  More broadly, to sustain an awareness of our work in the larger research community.
  • Ability to maintain knowledge of outside research related to our work and to communicate developments to others within the JOCRF.

To apply, go to the following Bamboo address, where you will need to complete an application and upload a cover letter and curriculum vitae, and you should include three references in your CV.­?id=19