Join the society

We have recently decided to increase our membership fees to $40 annually for students and $80 annually for regular members in order to keep our conference registration fees manageable. If you have an existing ISIR membership, you will not be expected to pay the new rates until your current membership expires.

Benefits of ISIR membership include reduced-rate conference registration fees and the option to vote in our elections. We additionally plan to create a members-only part of the website, where our members can access exclusive content and discussion groups.

Memberships can be purchased annually or recurring. For payment by credit card, click below to be directed to the secure registration form. Student memberships are available at a discount to undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers.

Student ($40 annually)

Regular ($80 annually)

Note: We are no longer able to provide the option of a reduced-rate subscription to the journal Intelligence. For access to Intelligence, click here to subscribe.