2005 John B. Carroll Award for Research Methodology

Nicole Harlaar

Nicole Harlaar is a PhD student at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK. She is interested in the nature and mechanisms that mediate genetic and environmental risk factors for cognitive and learning disabilities and in trying to piece together how these processes change through the school years. Currently, she is examining these issues in a population-based longitudinal study of twin children in the UK Twins Early Development Study (TEDS).
Representative Publications:
Harlaar, N., Butcher, L. Butcher, L., Meaburn, E., Craig, I.W., & Plomin, R. (2005). A behavioural genomic analysis of DNA markers associated with general cognitive ability in 7-year-olds. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 46, 1097-1107.
Harlaar, N., Dale, P. S., & Plomin, R. (2005). Telephone testing and teacher assessment of reading skills in 7-year-olds: II. Strong genetic overlap. Scientific Studies of Reading, 9, 197-218.
Harlaar, N., Dale, P. S., & Plomin, R. (2005). Correspondence between telephone testing and teacher assessments of reading in 7-year-olds: II. Strong genetic overlap in a sample of 2660 twin pairs. Reading & Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 18, 401-423.