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New editorial from Professor R. J. Haier

A new (2020) editorial from Professor R. J. Haier, Editor in Chief of the journal Intelligence, speaks to the need for "clarity, appropriate skepticism and professionalism". Please click HERE to read/download the editorial.    

New ISIR board members elected

We are very pleased to announce that Emily Willoughby, Kirsten Hilger and Jonathan Wai have been elected onto the board of ISIR.  We are delighted that they have agreed to take on this work, and would like to introduce them below: Emily is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota in the personality, individual differences and behavior genetics program area of psychology. Emily’s research focuses on exploring the genetic and cognitive causes of human intelligence in addition to its associated outcomes. Her current projects include an experimental study of the association between cognitive ability and reaction time, and an adoption study of ...

New open access journal Psychological Test Adaptation and Development (PTAD) launched

We are pleased to announce that Hogrefe has just launched “Psychological Test Adaptation and Development” (PTAD), a new open access journal which focusses on publishing articles on the development and adaptation of psychological assessment instruments. CLICK HERE to download a flyer with all the information you will need to submit your report, and a mission statement from Editor-in-Chief Matthias Ziegler (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany). All open science and registered reports are welcome on tests for the assessment of intelligence and narrow facets of cognitive abilities.

Ian J. Deary OBE – Second edition of ‘Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction’

Ian J. Deary is Professor of Differential Psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  In his Second Edition of his book on intelligence he describes what psychologists have discovered about how and why people differ in their thinking powers. It includes a new chapter on sex difference in intelligence and considers the new field of cognitive epidemiology, which draws links between intelligence and better health, less illness, and longer life.  This 2nd edition also includes new work on DNA testing and intelligence genetics and is part of the Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions series - over ten million copies sold worldwide. Click HERE ...

ISIR website new look

We hope you like our new-look website.  We are still tweaking a few things so please bear with us as we iron out all the kinks.  Thank you for your patience.