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New website honoring Professor James R. Flynn

A new memorial website has been created in honor of the late Professor James R. Flynn.  Please do visit the website HERE which is dedicated to the memory and works of this great scientist. Website address: james-flynn.net  

A tribute to Professor James R. Flynn

A tribute to Professor James R. Flynn (28 April 1934 – 11 December 2020), whose passing is greatly lamented. On Friday, December 11, 2020, the intelligence research community received devastating news when it was announced that James Flynn passed away. In the forty years he spent researching, thinking about, and writing about intelligence, he single-handedly changed the course of the field. Flynn was the recipient of the International Society for Intelligence Research’s 2017 lifetime achievement award, one of many awards he received for his scholarly work. It is hard to think of anyone who would have been more deserving of accolades. In ...

Recently launched: the Journal of Intelligence

The Journal of Intelligence is an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal on the study of human intelligence. Intelligence is a remarkable and highly intriguing phenomenon, and a core feature of our being human. Understanding our intelligence is a major part of understanding ourselves. Human intelligence is studied from many perspectives and for different purposes. The journal has an open policy with respect to approaches and methodologies. We encourage submissions with the potential to innovate and to show alternative perspectives.  Studies on other types of intelligence will be considered as far as they help us understand human intellige...

New editorial from Professor R. J. Haier

A new (2020) editorial from Professor R. J. Haier, Editor in Chief of the journal Intelligence, speaks to the need for "clarity, appropriate skepticism and professionalism". Please click HERE to read/download the editorial.    

New ISIR board members elected

We are very pleased to announce that Emily Willoughby, Kirsten Hilger and Jonathan Wai have been elected onto the board of ISIR.  We are delighted that they have agreed to take on this work, and would like to introduce them below: Emily is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota in the personality, individual differences and behavior genetics program area of psychology. Emily’s research focuses on exploring the genetic and cognitive causes of human intelligence in addition to its associated outcomes. Her current projects include an experimental study of the association between cognitive ability and reaction time, and an adoption study of ...