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2005 John B. Carroll Award for Research Methodology

Nicole Harlaar Biosketch: Nicole Harlaar is a PhD student at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK. She is interested in the nature and mechanisms that mediate genetic and environmental risk factors for cognitive and learning disabilities and in trying to piece together how these processes change through the school years. Currently, she is examining these issues in a population-based longitudinal study of twin children in the UK Twins Early Development Study (TEDS). Representative Publications: Harlaar, N., Butcher, L. Butcher, L., Meaburn, E., Craig, I.W., & Plomin, R. (2005). A behavioural genomic analysis of DNA markers associated with ...

2005: Albuquerque, NM

Host: Detterman and Gartner Program (Addendum) Invited Speaker: Nancy Andreasen; Aljosha Neubauer Distinguished Contributor Interview: Earl Hunt (YouTube) Awards Photo Gallery

2005 ISIR Templeton Prize for Best Student Paper

Jelte M. Wicherts Biosketch: As an undergraduate student at the Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam, Jelte Wicherts was interested in so many psychological topics that he decided to specialize in none of these topics and focus on research methodology and psychometrics instead. This enabled him to develop a broad view on psychology, which remains with him to this day. Under the supervision of Don Mellenbergh and Harrie Vorst, Jelte wrote his Master's thesis on the equivalence of mood and personality questionnaires across different administration methods. After receiving his Master of Science degree (cum laude), Jelte started a PhD ...