2017: July 14-16 in Montreal

18th Annual meeting of ISIR: Montreal, Canada. July 14-16

Updates: YouTube videos of our keynote speakers, and distinguished awardees and guests!
Professor Mat McGue: President’s invited speaker keynote: Up now!

Professor Jim Flynn: Lifetime achievement award lecture: Up now!

Professors Camilla P. Benbow and David Lubinski: Keynote Lecture: Up now!

Professor Steven Pinker: Distinguished Contributor Interview: Up now!

Registration available on the 14th at the MNI (Montreal Neurological Institute, 3801, University St) in front of the De Granpré amphitheater (follow signage at the venue).
Final Program: view here! Poster size is to fit inside a 45inch by 45 inch space)
Highlights: The conference offers an unrivaled opportunity for those interested in intelligence to meet, present their research, and discuss current questions and applications. The local host is Professor Sherif Karama. The leading meeting of intelligence researchers: Come and hear stellar presentations from Steve Pinker, Jim Flynn, Matt McGue and many more! Talks from 14-16. You conference-registration includes a Reception and poster evening on the 14th, lunch each day, and a Conference Banquet on the evening of the 16th!
Pre-conference tour!
Looking for an intelligent way to explore the cultural diversity Montreal has to offer? The conference organizers highly recommend exploring the 31st Festival International Nuits d’Afrique, taking place from July 11 – July 23. This festival hosts a diverse and colorful range of arts, music and cultural experience spanning Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. With events spanning the streets of downtown Montreal and prized venues such as the Fairmount Theatre, Club Balattou, and La Sala Rossa, this event is not to be missed! For more details on the program, please see the official website for the festival:
A group visit will be organized in the afternoon and evening of the 13th of July. This event is free of charge. For those interested, please contact Sherif Karama.
Download and share the conference flyer!

LJim_Flynn_Political_Studies_University_of_OtagoIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD ADDRESS

Renowned Political Scientist, Professor James Flynn.  “IQ decline and Piaget: Does the rot start at the top?”


Camilla P. Benbow and David Lubinski, Vanderbilt University: Potential to Eminence: Charting Its Path Over 45 Years.

camilla_p_benbow_headshot_small david_lubinski_head_small



Steven_Pinker_2011Leading scholar and author, Harvard Professor Steven Pinker (author The Blank Slate, and Better Angels of our Nature), interviewed by David Lubinski.


Professor Douglas K. Detterman: A Vision for Understanding Intelligence – what we know and why it is important


Professor Matt McGueIs Social Success Shaped by our Genes?


Elliot Tucker-Drob, and Daniel Belsky: Human capability: Genes, Environments, and Agency


Liberal CreationismToby YoungAssociate editor of the Spectator, co-founder of several free schools, and author of “How to lose friends and alienate people“.
toby young

Conference Detail

VENUE & Hotel

The venue is the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI).
The conference hotel is the Delta Hotels Montreal by Marriot475 President-Kennedy Avenue  Montreal  Quebec  H3A 1J7  Canada.

Sherif has arranged a disounted-room rate of 212 to 232 CAD/night. This rate is available for rooms from 07/10/17 to 07/20/17. To make a booking at this rate, contact Sherif Karama (conference host). We have limited rooms at this rate, so book early to be assured of a room.

Lower cost double rooms ($124 + tax, breakfast included) have been reserved at New Residence Hall. These can be booked directly via Phone: 514-398-5200 Fax: 514-398-4521 or E-mail: reserve.residences@mcgill.ca. citing our group – International Society of Intelligence Research or Folio # 1060572


We have a got an AMAZING program,  submissions are now closed. The deadline was March 03 17!! 2017.
We have a new web-app this year: It’s very smooth: You (and co-authors) register, write, and submit. We hope you like it!
Symposia are encouraged: Just be sure and select “symposium” for your component abstract, and add the e-mail of the symposium organiser (we have a question specially for this). Organizers: share your preferred email with symposium contributors, and also submit a covering abstract, listing the purpose of the symposium. Mark this as a symposium also, and insert your email in the organiser field.
note: Only one first-authored presentation (paper or poster) will be allowed for each registered participant. All submissions will be peer reviewed. Decisions will be sent from mid-April onward. To be included in the program, it is necessary to register for the conference. [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] [/one_half]


Register here by May 31, 2017 to receive the discounted  rate. Payment may be made via MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. If unable to pay by credit card, contact Tim Keith at tzkeith@austin.utexas.edu
Registration fees (in US-Dollar) are being held at 2015 rates!


ISIR Status

By May 31 2017

June 1 2017 onward

Faculty and Postdocs Members $ 300 $ 440
Nonmembers $ 390 $ 600
Student Members $ 125 $ 250
Nonmembers $ 210 $ 345

Spouses: For $100, spouses may attendent all events, including meals and banquet.
Note: ISIR membership is just $40 for regular members and $20 for students. Members may also vote in ISIR elections, and access heavily discounted journal subscription rates (e-access $40 /$60 paper + electronic access).


Travel grants: A significant number of travel grants will be awarded to graduate students and post-docs presenting at the conference. Priority will be given to students with no other source of travel support or with particularly high travel costs. To apply, send an e-mail to James Lee. Include your name, affiliation, any other sources of travel support, and whether you have previously received ISIR travel support. You should get an acknowledgement by return e-mail. If not, then follow this up.
John B. Carroll Award. This award is given to the student who presents the paper with the best methodology and includes a $500 cash award.
ISIR best graduate student presentation award This award is given to the graduate student who gives the best presentation and includes a $500 cash award.


ISIR 2018 will be hosted in Edinburgh, UK: Book your seats!
The Board of Directors invites hosting proposals for future conferences. Please send expressions of interest and a request for proposal guidelines to the President. All proposals will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.