2017 ISIR Prize for Best Student Paper: Emily Willoughby

Willoughby_photoEmily Willoughby, awardee of the Best Student Presentation award, ISIR, Montreal 2017. 

Biosketch: Emily grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina, acquired her B.A. in biology from New Jersey’s Thomas Edison University, and began working toward her Ph.D. in personality, individual differences & behavior genetics at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in 2016. Following several years working as a scientific illustrator and co-authoring a book on the United States’ evolution/creationism controversy, she returned to NC for a year of post-baccalaureate psychology courses and research at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Then as now, her research interests center around the application of individual differences, particularly intelligence, to questions surrounding response time, genetics, and real-world outcomes.

Representative Publications:
1.Willoughby, E. A. & Lee, J. J. (2017, July) Parent and offspring polygenic scores as predictors of offspring years of education. Oral presentation at the 18th annual meeting of the International Society for Intelligence Research in Montreal, Quebec.
2.Willoughby, E. A. & Brown, T. L. (2016, June) Stroop interference & general intelligence: Does better attention mean “smarter”? Oral presentation at the 10th annual meeting of the Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
3. Kane, J. M., Willoughby, E. A. & Keesey, T. M. (2016) God’s word or human reason? An inside perspective on creationism. Portland: Inkwater Press.