ISIR2019 and the MOVIES

Three Identical Strangers and the ISIR conference

The movie Three Identical Strangers combines an intriguing narrative with an implicit discussion of nature and nurture. How much of the way we turn out is influenced by genes? Is it ethical to assign related children to different adoptive families for the sake of ‘science’? Fortunately, there has been much progress since the early, never-published study featured in the movie. But if your interest was primed, and you want to learn about published, well-powered, ethical studies of multiple births, there will be a chance to do that this summer.
Professor Tom Bouchard is unmistakably The Big Kahuna in the research world of Twins Reared Apart. And there’s a chance to hear him talk this July in Minnesota, at the pre-conference inaugural day of keynote lectures, as well as at the ISIR main conference. Along with Tom, talks will be given by his most gifted student, Professor Matt McGue, and the new highly talented Professor James J Lee who has inherited Tom’s mantle.  ISIR2019 will be a superb opportunity to explore what twins have taught us and to be brought up to the present in behavioural genetic research by three academic generations of inventive and brilliant scholars.
Support for students and post docs will be available.