Journal of Intelligence: Special Issue on Giftedness

Jakob Pietschnig and Tanja Baudson will be editing a special issue titled “A Century beyond Terman: Knowns and Unknowns about Cognitive Excellence” in the Journal of Intelligence. This special issue is broadly focusing on the topic of cognitive abilities and giftedness.

Within this topical frame, empirical submissions are invited that focus on one or more of the following topics:

– Group differences between gifted vs. non-gifted populations;
– Predictors of exceptional cognitive abilities;
– Perception of gifted individuals;
– Cross-temporal changes in the perception of giftedness (both historically and ontogenetically);
– Environmental influences on and their interactions with giftedness.

You can download the flyer for additional details about the special issue, and submit an abstract via the MDPI website. The submission deadline for this special issue is September 30, 2022.