New article by Kirsten Hilger and colleagues

A new article on intelligence has just been published in Cerebral Cortex by our board member Kirsten Hilger and her colleagues! Read the article here, or visit IDW-online for a nice synopsis.

Thiele, J., Faskowitz, J., Sporns, O., & Hilger, K. (2022). Multi-Task Brain Network Reconfiguration is Inversely Associated with General Intelligence. Cerebral Cortex1-11. 

Human intelligence is associated with adaptations of the brain to different cognitive demands: a new study shows that for brains of people with higher intelligence scores it is easier to adapt to different tasks.

Participants of the study (data from the Human Connectome Project with more than 800 adults) were either resting or had to complete various tasks. During this time, the activity of their brain was monitored using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The amount of change in functional interactions of brain regions from one to another task were assessed and related to the intelligence scores of the participants. The results of the study suggest that the functional networks of humans with higher intelligence scores require less adjustment when switching between all different tasks – intelligence is a property of a widely distributed “multitask brain network”.