Guy is professor of Psychology at the University of Umeå in Sweden.

Guy completed his PhD in 2001 at the Department of Psychology at Uppsala University, following studies also in musicology and computer science. His dissertation and Post Doc work was concerned with human timing modelling, later extended to timing in music and its effects on subjective experience and movement behaviours. His interests also cover evolution, human nature, and cognitive ability, leading to studies of individual differences in creativity, flow, intelligence, and personality. In 2012-2018 he co-directed a comprehensive twin study of both environmental and genetic influences underlying expertise in music and sports. Becoming concerned about scientific quality, bibliometric studies and meta-scientific issues have more recently come into focus. Before commencing university studies, he worked as a bus-driver, cinema projectionist, computer programmer, musician, music teacher, and electronics technician, amongst other things.

See publications and further details on his personal website, as well as ResearchGate and Loop.