John is Assistant Professor in the department for Psychological Science at Central Connecticut State University. He is also an Associate Director of the Psychological Science Accelerator.

His research focuses around causality and causal assumptions, with applied applications in three broad areas:
1) Theories of intelligence and cognitive development. This research focuses on long-term effects of interventions on cognitive development (e.g. the Fadeout Effect) and the implications of those findings on theories of intelligence. It also encompasses experimental psychometrics work understanding how we can test our theories of the positive manifold.
2) Societal perceptions and social cognition. This research focuses on the beliefs about society and the present. In focuses on prejudice against youth of the day (e.g. “Kids These Days!”) and beliefs that society and societal elements were better in the past.
3) Metascientific inquiries into decision making. This research focuses on understanding how scientists and practitioners make decisions, understand evidence, and the role of replicability in social science and decision making research.
His published works can be found here.