ISIR talks!

This is a growing list of the awesome talks we had in Graz, which authors have kindly made available via figshare. Please cite them if you use this reference!
Kazi, Smaragda (2015): Embedding Cognizance in Intellectual Development. 10.6084/m9.figshare.1299354
Latvala, Antti (2015): Paternal antisocial behavior and sons’ cognitive ability: A population-based quasi-experimental study. figshare.
Madison, Guy; Mosing, Miriam; Verweij, Karin; Ullén, Fredrik (2015): Common genetic influences on intelligence and simple reaction time. figshare
Rosman, Tom (2015): Intelligence and the development of methodological skills in higher education: The case of information literacy. figshare.
Teovanović, Predrag; Knežević, Goran; Stankov, Lazar (2015): Individual Differences in Cognitive Biases. figshare