2017 ISIR Prize for Best Poster Presentation: Kirsten Hilger

Kirsten Hilger faceKirsten Hilger was the 2017 awardee for best poster, at the 2017 ISIR conference. The award carries a prize of $500.

Biosketch: Kirsten obtained her Master of Science (Neurocognitive Psychology) from the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main in Germany. She is currently working on her PhD project in the Lab of Christian Fiebach and studies together with Ulrike Basten the neural underpinnings of human intelligence. Her primary aim is to understand how differences in organizational principles of intrinsic brain networks contribute to individual differences in general intelligence. On the base of human fMRI and EEG resting-state data, she models individual-specific brain networks as graphs and investigates the graphs topology in relation to intelligence.

Representative Publications:

Hilger, K., Ekman, M., Fiebach, C. J., & Basten, U. (2016). Efficient hubs in the intelligent brain: Nodal efficiency of hub regions in the salience network is associated with general intelligence. Intelligence, 60, 10-25. doi:10.1016/j.intell.2016.11.001

Basten, U., Hilger, K., & Fiebach, C. J. (2015). Intelligence Where smart brains are different : A quantitative meta-analysis of functional and structural brain imaging studies on intelligence. Intelligence, 51, 10–27. doi:10.1016/j.intell.2015.04.009

Galeano, E. M., Hahn, T., Hilger, K., & Fiebach, C. J. (2016). NeuroImage Distributed patterns of occipito-parietal functional connectivity predict the precision of visual working memory. NeuroImage, (April), 1–15. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.10.006