Matt McGue: ISIR 2022 Distinguished Contributor Interview (video)

At our 2022 conference at the University of Vienna, we were treated to a fantastic interview by David Lubinski of Matt McGue, this year’s pick for the Distinguished Contributor Interview! Professor McGue is beloved within the University of Minnesota’s psychology department, where he is Regents Professor and co-director of the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research, as well as in the broader community of behavioral genetics and intelligence research. An author of over 375 papers with nearly 75,000 citations as of 2022, Matt has won the Dobzhansky Award for Lifetime Contributions to Behavioral Genetic Research (2011), the Shields Award for Lifetime Contributions to Twin Research (2007), and many other awards and honors.

Tune in for a fascinating discussion about Matt’s early history, his past and current research, and the future of our field.