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2012 Lifetime Achievement Award: Timothy Salthouse

The Lifetime Achievement Award is ISIR’s highest honor, reserved for individuals who have, over their professional lifetime, substantially advanced the field of intelligence. The 2012 awardee was Professor Timothy Salthouse His work has transformed our understanding of cognitive development, especially cognitive ageing. As with many of our lifetime awardees, he has been an influential communicator, and his students have taken prestigious positions, further advancing and shaping the direction of his field.

2012 John B. Carroll Award for Research Methodology

Daniel Briley Biosketch:  Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Daniel received his undergraduate degree from Pepperdine University. When awarded, he was working toward a PhD at the University of Texas at Austin in the Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology division. His research interests center on the development of cognitive abilities in the academic context with particular emphasis on transactional processes between children and their environment. He is interested in how trajectories of intelligence gains influence and are influenced by characteristics of children and their educational and social environment. He is primarily interested in ...